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Gideon Welles

"You Never Heard It So Good"

I have spent much of my adult life hanging around institutions of higher learning. Along the way I've acquired a few degrees and several weird professional certifications.


While pursuing the terminal degree I decided to drop out and put my early acting experience to work as a narrator of contemporary romance.


All that time spent on campus prepared me very well  for this  profession As we all know, college is that time in life marked by romance and of course, plenty of kinky sex.

Gideon's Bio

Working Together

If you are interested in hearing my voice narrating your book, send me a short script (preferably with multiple characters), and any important information about the characters. In turn, I will provide you with an MP3 file for your evaluation.


If you love the audition, we can negotiate a final rate and production



 Hourly rate furnished upon request.

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